Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vapor Barrier and Custom Crating

If you were ever curious just how our custom crating process goes, take a look....
In this example, we are protecting and crating a large piece of machinery.
It is a custom designed and built wood crate.

We first stabilize the base of the crate to ensure that there will be no movement of the machine during transportation.

We then add the vapor barrier wrap to the machine to give added protection from the elements.

Once the machine is securely protected with the vapor barrier wrap, we proceed to build the crate around it.

Before completing the custom crate, we secure the top of the machine. This is yet another way to secure the machine during transportation.

Once the crate is complete, we can add Shockwatch labels, stencil drawings, and even paperwork to make communication for transport more clear.

The crate is finished! And, we have even added a photo of the piece of machinery to the outside of the crate to allow for quick identification of the contents of the crate.

Call us today for your crating needs. We are experts in designing and building custom crates, trade-show crates, over seas crates, and more!
We service the entire state of Arizona and estimates are free!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Now CPR Certified!

Safety is a core value for us at Crating Technology. So, we decided to take things to the next level. Just the other weekend, Phoenix Fire Department was kind enough to lead us in an on-site CPR  certification class for our employees.

It was a very thorough and well presented class. Not only were they very clear in explaining processes, etc, but they gave great detail with the hands on instruction.

Each employee had to take the skills they were educated on, and perform them correctly. Since completing this class, we are proud to say that all of our employees are now CPR certified!

We certainly could not have done this without the help of The Phoenix Fire Department. Thank you!
Crating Technology, Phoenix
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