Monday, March 28, 2016

Crating a Historic Antique Mirror

We crated and arranged shipping for this antique mirror. But this is not just an ordinary mirror...
The mirror was given to the Missouri Governor by the name of Austin Augustus King. It was gifted to him in 1848 by none other than General Custer!

As with all projects, absolute care and attention to detail were given. 

Our customer, a direct decendent of Governor King, was having it shipped to her grandson, the next family member to take care of their prized family heirloom.

If mirrors could talk, I imagine this one would have some fascinating stories to tell!

If you have an item that needs crated, just give us a call. We service all of Arizona and are happy to provide free estimates!
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Industrial Boat Wrap

Heading out of town for the summer? Or just going to have limited boating time? This the season to start thinking about boat wrap!

This is another heat shrink wrap job we did for a boat that needs to be stored. 

First, the object is protected with a barrier wrap. 

Once that is complete, the object is covered with the wrap. Then, heat is applied with a propane torch. 

And now, the object is protected! 

Our heat shrink wrap protects from uv rays, elements, dirt, and dust. 

Call today for any of your industrial heat shrink wrap needs.
Crating Technology

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Escalator Heat Shrink Wrap

When starting in on large projects such as remodels or building expansions, a common issue comes to surface. The issue being: what to do with materials or equipment you either cant move, or prefer not to move? The solution: heat shrink wrap.
This is a great example we recently finished.
This was a job at Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix- Terminal 3 expansion.

New escalators were installed, but they needed to be protected while all of the other construction work is going on around them.

The heat shrink wrap material is generously laid out over the item to be wrapped.

We use as much material that will be needed to get the job done and deliver the level of quality our customers expect!

Edges are tucked and sealed or secured all the way around the object.

Now the process can be finished. The wrap is heated with a propane torch to mold around the object underneath.

This is a view from under the escalators.

Another angle is the heat shrink wrap job of the escalators.

Now, the builders won't have to worry about dust, debris, or any other elements damaging the new escalators. They can proceed with the terminal expansion!

If you have any heat shrink wrap needs, let us know! Here at Crating Technology, we service all of Arizona, and offer free quotes as well!
Crating Technology

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Booth at Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, & Manufacturing Conference

It was our great please to be a part of the 5th Annual Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, and Manufacturing Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, last week. Hosted by the Arizona Technology Council. 

We hope you had the chance to stop by our booth and say hi to Stu and Larry!

What a great event it turned out to be!

And of course, we always look forward to new opportunities and chances to meet new people!

If you had or still have any questions we can answer for you about our Crating and Packing services, don't hesitate to ask!
Crating Technology
Phoenix, Arizona

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