Friday, August 1, 2014

Swanson Springfield Plywood and Veneer Mill Fire

Tragedy struck in the form of a fire a couple of weeks back at the Swanson Springfield Plywood and Veneer Mill. According to, approximately 250 people are now out of work for what could be another year or two.

The following is from Statesman Journal,

"Company officials offered Springfield Plywood and Veneer workers several options as they move past the shock of watching their workplace burn to the ground.
Swanson said some jobs at its mills in Glendale and Roseburg are held by temporary workers, and those could be turned into regular positions for the Springfield workers. The company might also do a mini expansion at those mills. Those efforts might add up to 100 jobs."

You can see a video of the fire and more information here:

How does this affect the lumber industry? Well, we are already seeing the effects in rising pricing. As stated by, there has already been quite the increase in plywood prices, jumping up to a rise of 10-12%. This impact was seen almost immediately, in large because this mill supplies 2% of North America. The main lumber they produce is sheathing and sanded plywood.

By, the good news is that prices are anticipated to return to normal in approximately 45-60 days (

We send positive thoughts to those that have been affected by this fire......