Monday, January 25, 2016

Partial Crates

You may not be aware, but crating can be used for more than just a shipping container. We recently had a customer that needed the material they were transporting to be covered to help deter thieves.

Here is a picture of the material before we started the project.

And another view. The labeled wrap on the material is visible to anyone. That issue was what our client wanted to avoid, especially for the transportation of the goods.
So, we took the typical crating to a different level. But, we were able to maintain the use of our clients original materials. We simply crated around the wrap!

This crating allows a level of privacy and security of the contents being shipped.

The covers also allow protection during storage. They add a barrier not just from viewing the contents, but some of the elements as well.

If you have any projects that require partial, or full crating, just let us know!

Crating Technology

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcome Our Newest Team Member!

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new member in our Crating Technology family!
Let us introduce you to..... Monica McKnight!

A little background about Monica:
Spent over 20 years in the mortgage industry as sales support, customer service, processing, and underwriting. She also managed a small processing department.
During her time at the mortgage company, she created and wrote all policies and procedures for the company. And, she developed the training and compliance processes.

After her long career in the mortgage industry, she changed gears a bit. Her next position was an administrative assistant for a large Tempe church. In her time there, she helped to develop and manage the family ministry program. And, she provided direct support to the Executive Pastor.

Eventually, she ended up parting ways with that position. Education was a primary goal in life that she held in the highest regard. And she felt it was time to put hers first. Obtaining her Bachelor's degree was the full time path she was pursuing.

Monica completed her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. And currently, she is working on a dual major for Psychology and Criminal Justice, with only two semesters to go! She chose those fields because they genuinely interested her. Not to mention, she had already gained a business education hands on during her expansive career! We are quite fortunate that she decided to seek employment now that her goal degrees are within reach!

On a personal note, Monica loves quilting and is really quite talented! She also loves that her husband does not keeps tabs on her craft supply inventory. LOL!

Welcome to the team Monica!
- Crating Technology