Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not Your Normal Tree!

Now, this was an absolutely incredible job we handled!
This sculpture is so intricate and enormous you just stare in awe!

The sculpture had to be disassembled and property prepped and secured for transport. 

Every piece was custom made to offer the highest level of support for the sculpture. 

Padding was added to the areas at most risk of scratching or rubbing. 

We can't express enough just how much we appreciate jobs such as this. It offers a challenge not only due the sensitivity of the object at hand, but also for the custom design. Just an amazing piece of art!

Call us for any needs you may have for sculpture securing and transportation, or any other fine art that needs the highest level of protection. 
We offer free estimates and cover the entire state of Arizona. And on-site packaging or crating is never an issue! Let us come to you!

Crating Technology

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