Monday, June 27, 2016

Crating a 3000 lb Oven!

How do you ship a 3000 pound oven? In a custom designed wood shipping crate, that's how!

It was a GIANT oven... that looked like a lunar module 7'X7' square with protruding parts.

First step was to properly secure the piece. 

We then wrapped it as an additional securing measure before it gets crated.

Bands are added with foam buffers to be sure that not only is it strapped in tightly, but that no damage is done to the piece in the process.

Now that the oven is completely secure, time to build the crate.

A window is being created to allow the customer to view the contents without opening the crate. 


Finishing touches to the crates window.

Window for the shipping crate is complete and now the contents can be easily viewed.

Shockwatch label has been added as well.

Great job guys!!

All set for transport!

If you have any specific crating or crate design needs, give us a call!
Crating Technology

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More Wrapping!

This is a job from just the other day. Down in Tucson, we performed our heat shrink wrap process on more cockpits.

The wrap is heated to a skintight finish via heat from a propane tank. 

Our heat shrink wrap provides protection from the elements during storage. 

Commercial grade shrink wrap also protects against harmful UV rays. 

Call us for any of your industrial heat shrink wrap needs!
We also provide free estimates. 
Crating Technology

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