Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Crating of a Photon Genius

Recently, we have had the pleasure to crate these Photon Genius machines. These machines certainly define "Handle With Care".
First, the machine is wrapped by its parent company. Then, they deliver to us.
Once the delivery to us is complete and machine inspected, the crating begins. Since the photos were taken of this machine, we have slightly changed the process. The Photon Genius also gets wrapped before being crated. As an added level of protection.

The crates are custom designed then created. This shows some of the foam we use in each crate.

It takes finesse to maneuver this machine and place it in the safest position possible for it's travels. Next step will be enclosing the crate and sending it on its way!

Final destination! These Photon Genius machines really are pieces of art, on top of their impressive functions!

Thanks again!
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