Friday, July 10, 2015

Transporting a Motorcycle Safely

Wether relocating across the country, or even over seas, chances are that you are taking your motorcycle with you! The time, labor, heart, and of course money, that go into customizing a bike, are just a few reasons you want it to arrrive safely.
So, where do you start?
The solution we offer at Crating Technology is just that: crating.
Crating motorcycles allows them to be properly prepped, tied down and secured for transport. 
Below is an example of one of our favorites. When you see the custom paint job, you will see why!

We make sure all components are secure so that nothing comes loose during transport. The bike is also secured with tie downs.

Padded blocks are strategically placed to preventing the motorcycle from shifting during its transportation. 

Foam padding is also added as an extra measure to ensure safe transport. 

Can't say enough about how much we admired this paint job! Jimi Hendrix lives on!

Once the motorcycle has been securely prepped and fastened for the ride, the remainder of the crate is built. 

Finished product! We prep and crate for both domestic and overseas shipments. Just let us know your crating needs. Thanks for stopping by! 
Crating Technology 
Phoenix, AZ

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