Monday, August 31, 2015

Leonardo's Horse

You may be familiar with Leonardo da Vinci's horse, or better yet, "the horse that never was". But for those who are not, here is a short summary:
Da Vinci was commissioned in 1482 to create what was to be the largest equine statue in the world. The Duke of Sforza was the financier of the project.
Da Vinci created the drawings as well as the 24 foot statue, which was to be cast in bronze. But war broke out and the bronze was needed for the Dukes army. And, the enemy soldiers used the clay statue as target practice, basically destroying it. Leonardo never did to complete the project.
Fast forward a few hundred years. The original drawing were rediscovered. And since then, many artists around the world have created their versions of the majestic statue.
Recently, we had the honor to heat shrink wrap and prep one of these equines for transport.
With sculptures, transportation can involve high risk. Extra stabilizing measures are used to ensure safe delivery.
Devoted artists pour their time and talent into their creations. We are here to protect them.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

New Sales Team Member!

Meet Larry- Our New Sales Team Member!

We at Crating Technology are happy to introduce and welcome Larry Stein as the newest member of our business family.

Larry joined the sales team at Crating Technology this past June. He brings with him many years of experience interacting with people, listening to needs, and delivering results.
The professional approach Larry lives by is key to finding the best solutionfor our customers. His successful background in procurement, sourcing, and sales for the home building material supply industry made for a natural transition into design and packaging for Crating Technology.
Larry is also a sports trivia wiz, so when you meet him, test his knowledge!
Welcome to the family Larry!
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Heat Shrink Wrap Under the Arizona Sun

Right about now always feel like the last leg of the heat marathon, if you are Arizona residents like us!
Although, it does seem that our hot summer season stays a bit longer each year. 
And, with our sun and soaring temps, not only does one need added protection to preserve themselves, but their valued goods as well. 

Our commercial heat shrink wrap is basically sunscreen for your goods. 
The shrink wrap contains 5% UV inhibitors by weight. 

We all know how quickly it can dry out and permanently damage wood. 

If you happen to be in a seasonal profession, or maybe even lucky enough to take a long vacation, our wrap can protect your vehicles, boats, and more, from the elements. 

The commercial heat shrink wrap can be done in our warehouse, or on-site. 

It's a valuable tool to protect things such as:
Idle equipment and machinery 
Jet skis 

The industrial shrink wrap is heated around the object. This allows us to handle shrink wrap projects of any size. 

Let us know your needs. We are happy to provide an estimate for the industrial shrink wrap. And, we service not only Phoenix, but all of Arizona!
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