Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crating a Cruiser Moped

If you happen to have a cruiser moped you need crated, we can do it!
This was a recent job we had the pleasure to package to be shipped to Russia.
This bike was no ordinary bike. It is a moped cruiser with a gas tank and all!

First, we wanted to be sure the bike was properly strapped down to prohibit movement for its upcoming overseas travel.

This bike is pretty impressive!
We also made sure the gas tank had even more extra protection.

Wrapping the entire bike in our vapor barrier wrap was the next step. Because it could faces temperature and humidity changes during transit, the vapor barrier will keep it extra protected. 

Once the vapor barrier is in place, we move on to finishing the rest of the wood crate.

Shockwatch labels are in place, all required stamps and stencils are visible, its ready to go!

And just a reminder, we can crate on-site, off-site, or build and deliver crates to you.
Just let us know what you need. Crating Technology services all of Arizona for your crating needs.
Crating Technology
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