Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crating 3D Art!

This was an amazing piece of 3D art created by a customer of ours. It is an incredible piece of art that needed extra attention when packaging it for travel.

Great care is always taken to protect not just the main image, but the entire piece, frame and all.

Foam is used to ensure the item does not move or shift inside the crate during its travels.

Wood slats are installed as extra measures of bracing the item inside the crate for transit.

We do not allow the wood to directly touch the art. That can scratch or damage the object should any vibration occur.

The interior of the crate is not the only focus; we also take great care in prepping the exterior of the crates as well. All shipping crates are marked with necessary stencils and wood treatment markings. 

This 3D art is just about all crated up and ready to go! One the final top piece is added, job will be complete!

Call us for any of your custom crating needs. We service all of Arizona and are happy to give free quotes!
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